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Therapy from horse to man in mainbernheim

Can horses give traumatized children new self-confidence?? Can horses help hyperactive children to calm down?? And you can teach perfectionist people to be calm? Tatjana prantl and christine thiergartner are convinced of it. For a good reason: they experience the positive effect of the animals on their predominantly young patients day after day.

The therapiehof am seesteig in mainbernheim has been in existence for 15 years. For three years, the two young women together with nicola prantl offer the so-called horse-supported padagogy and therapy (PPT). Just outside of town and right next to the erich kastner children's village, tatjana prantl has converted a former stable into a cozy house. In the open stable right next to it are ten horses stabled. And they get visits almost every day from children, teenagers and adults.

Christine thiergartner looked after three therapy children, eight to nine a week tatjana prantl. "The youngest was two years old, she tells. Your problem: muscular atrophy. Contact with the horses has helped stabilize the muscles. "But adults also come to us", reports thiergartner.

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Club beats fortuna dusseldorf 2:1

Fortuna dusseldorf has suffered another setback in the relegation battle in the fubball bundesliga and must also reckon with direct relegation. The now eleven-game winless promoted team from the rhine lost its last home game on saturday against the 1. FC nurnberg with 1:2 (1:0) and with 30 points still has only a razor-thin lead over FC augsburg (30) and 1899 hoffenheim (28).

In the last game at hannover 96, the dusseldorf team had to win to avoid relegation. Before 53.500 spectators, hanno balitsch (22./own goal) scored the goal for fortuna, robert mak (58.) and marvin plattenhardt (64.) scored for nurnberg.

In the all-or-nothing game for the hosts, coach norbert meier changed his eleven in four positions and relied on the experienced andreas lambertz, robert tesche, and johannes van den bergh. In the attack, dani schahin was given preference over stefan reisinger. During the week, the fortuna coach had sorted out his other two attackers nado rafael and andrej woronin for sporting reasons.

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Without certificate on the tax

Two professional drivers without valid licenses were pulled over by the erlangen traffic police on the A3 between hochstadt and erlangen on monday night.
At 1 a.M., a team of delivery trucks was noticed, apparently overloaded. Weighing confirmed the suspicion, the trailer was overloaded by 590 kg. A driver’s license suspension came to light when the driver was examined, the police said.
The 29-year-old had to surrender his driver’s license due to drunk driving, which was subject to a suspension period. The license expired a year ago, but the man had failed to reapply for the right to use his driver’s license. Thus, he was driving without a valid driver’s license, which meant the immediate end of his trip.

New application missed

The same was true of the 32-year-old driver, who was killed at around 7 a.M.30 o’clock was checked. He had already "drunk away" his driving license in 2011, but also did not apply for a new one.
Since the first defendant was repeatedly found without a driver’s license, the public prosecutor’s office demanded a security deposit of 2,000 euros. Fortunately, both defendants had co-drivers who had valid driving licenses and were able to continue their journeys.

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With the patients under one roof: trial about nursing care fraud

With the patients under one roof: trial about nursing care fraud

They had never worn the expensive compression stockings, but they had acknowledged the reception. In exchange for a small reward, patients in need of care are said to have helped in the fraud of health insurance funds.

The sensational scandal about the suspected million-dollar false billings with care services is being heard since wednesday in dusseldorf at the regional court. Prosecutors put nine men and women in the dock on charges of gang fraud. One of them, a female captain, has already made a comprehensive confession, says prosecutor petra szczeponik.

The damage is estimated by investigators to be at least 8.5 million euros. The defendants are alleged to have billed health insurance companies and social security agencies for services that were not provided at all or not provided in full. Four of them are in custody under investigation. According to the court, most of them came from russia and the ukraine.

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Django asul comes with the last cartridge

Django asul comes with the last cartridge

With the highly topical program "last cartridge" the sharp-tongued cabaret artist django asul makes a guest appearance on friday, 20. October, at 20 o’clock bayreuther "zentrum".
It is better to stop when it is best to stop. And now it is right already. But the beauty of it is: it is actually more difficult than ever. So django asul continues. For peace returns at last. The time of uncertainties is over. The facts are on the table. The federal government has the implosion of germany on the agenda. And even the very last one has understood: europe does not exist.

Into the microcosm

Django asul draws the right conclusion: out of the macrocosm. Into the microcosm.
Where others slip into midlife crisis, django asul strays back into real life. But reality forgives nothing. Every shot has to be right. And at some point you only have one cartridge left. The last cartridge. In focus: the essentials.
But who or what must go under cover? And so it remains to be feared: it will be a furious finale instead of an orderly retreat.
Tickets for this evening of cabaret are available at the usual advance booking offices.

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“Effect’s” from coburg again on the podium

The tournament was only organized for the age group of juniors and u15. And in both age groups the "effect"s" love each other did not take the scepter from the hand and shone again with a 1. Place, a 2. Place and thus also another qualification to the suddeutsche championships.

The juniors performed their show dance "let me dance at last" and were awarded for a perfect execution with 450 points and the 1. Place rewarded. The new coaching team of nina thummerer, isabelle watzek and nora seifert are very proud of their teenies. KTC lauda had the same number of points, and so the two clubs deservedly shared the victory.

The u15 went to only their second tournament this session. Here they could prove again that they belong to the top in the show dance. They showed their impressive choreography "bar rock" and also received 450 points for their outstanding performance. This brought them not only the 2. Place on the winners' podium, but at the same time qualification for the suddeutsche championships.

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Snowden seeks asylum in venezuela – usa insists on extradition

Snowden seeks asylum in venezuela - usa insists on extradition

Whistleblower edward snowden, hunted by the u.S. As a traitor, has officially requested asylum in venezuela. This was confirmed by the venezuelan head of state nicolas maduro. The intelligence specialist must now decide when he wants to fly to venezuela, said the president. U.S. Citizen snowden has been stuck in the transit area of moscow’s sheremetyevo airport for more than two weeks, according to russian reports. The 30-year-old does not have a russian visa, and the U.S. Has canceled his passport.

The russian leadership had repeatedly stressed that it would not bow to pressure from the U.S. Political scientist alexei makarkin stressed that russia should continue not to extradite snowden to the u.S. "If u.S. President barack obama does cancel his planned september visit to moscow because of snowden, it would not be a disaster", makarkin told the newspaper "moskovsky komsomolets" (tuesday). "Russia has tried to compromise with an offer of asylum, but it was too little for snowden and too much for the U.S. – this shows that a solution will be very difficult."

In washington, national security council spokeswoman bernadette meehan told the dpa news agency that obama plans to travel to russia in september. Government spokesman jay carney said the u.S. Still wanted to capture snowden. Washington was in contact with all the countries to which he could flee or which he could fly over on a flight. Carney again called on moscow to extradite snowden. Russia refuses to do so, citing, among other things, the possibility of the death penalty in the U.S.

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An honor for engelhardt

The jury of the forum culture of the metropolitan region nurnberg has elected michael engelhardt end of november as artist of the month. Born in erlangen in october 1952, the artist michael engelhardt, with more than 500 works to date, is one of a group of visual artists who have always attracted attention and admiration for their high quality work and stylistically unique creations. Important collections, museums and private collectors are in possession of these unique masterpieces, says a press release of the metropolitan region.

In the past 50 years or so of his work, he has become known to a broad public in particular for his painting style, which contains elements of so-called "magic realism" picks up. He deliberately deals with a genre of art that bridges the gap between the real and the unreal, between sensual object presence and visual imagination.

The jury of the forum kultur honored michael engelhardt as an artist who, due to his highly artificial art and painting style, has created a work of the highest quality and style, which can claim to be unique in its interplay of forms. Michael engelhardt lives and works in the nurnberg metropolitan region and has remained connected to it since his birth. With his work he enriches the metropolitan region of nurnberg and contributes with his exhibitions to see the region as a place where art and culture of various forms can flourish and receive high recognition.

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Middle franconia: man fills gasoline can next to burning candle – deflagration

Middle Franconia: man fills gasoline can next to burning candle - deflagration

Luck in the accident had on saturday around 17.55 o’clock a 52-year-old man, when it came in its in the auracher local part wine mountain to a deflagration.

According to the police, the man was busy pouring gasoline from a larger canister into a smaller one on his workbench. In the process, he spilled some gasoline, which apparently came into contact with the flame of a candle standing next to it. The gasoline ignited immediately, which led to a violent deflagration.

The man, who obviously had a saving guardian angel at his side at the time, escaped relatively unharmed. However, as a result of the deflagration, all the rooms in the workshop and the first floor in the adjacent residential building were dusted with dust. No damage was caused to the fabric of the building. The damage caused by the pile-up is estimated at around 10.000 euros estimated.

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The lifeguard can’t keep an eye on everything

The lifeguard can't keep an eye on everything

Saale newspaper: mr. Ankenbrand, two men were recently convicted of sexually molesting children in the sinnflut in 2011. How often does something like this happen?
Jurgen ankenbrand: this year we haven’t had a single incident, but generally it happens once or twice a year. Sometimes we have over 1000 visitors a day, so you can’t keep your eyes everywhere.

Especially during the vacation season, the sinnflut is very busy. Do parents need to worry about their children being sexually abused?
I think not. Our staff is trained to recognize such incidents. In addition, a clear distinction must be made between sexual abuse and sexual harassment, which is also precisely defined by law. When an exhibitionist exposes himself in front of children, it must be shocking. But this is not yet the top …

What is the top?
The worst incident that happened here in the bathroom was more than ten years ago. A man sexually abused his stepdaughter in the bathroom. This also had a legal repercussion: the man was jailed for five years.

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