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Climate protection:subsidies rise to record high

climate protection:subsidies rise to record high

In view of planned government demands for more climate protection, the federal government expects a drastic increase in its subsidies. According to media reports, these will reach a record 31.4 billion euros next year.

According to a report in the "bild" newspaper (saturday), this is the result of the new subsidy report by finance minister olaf scholz (SPD), which the cabinet will decide on next wednesday. Previously, the "handelsblatt" newspaper had reported that. A spokesman for the ministry would not comment on the reports.

According to the reports, the volume of federal subsidies and tax breaks will rise from 21.8 billion euros in 2017 to 31.4 billion euros in 2020. The federal government’s subsidy policy is increasingly being shaped by climate and environmental policy. Another reason for the increase is the demand for billions of euros for broadband expansion. All in all, the subsidies are divided into 93 different financial aids – such as the child construction subsidy and the coal demand – and 105 tax breaks, for example for shift allowances or hotel accommodation.

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France switzerland: broadband coming in five phases

france switzerland: broadband coming in five phases

The manager of the company "breitband markt heiligenstadt i. Ofr. Gmbh" is rudiger schmidt. At the meeting of the market town council of heiligenstadt, mayor helmut kramer (CSU/unity) reported on the implementation of the foundation.

"The contract for the construction of a broadband infrastructure, i.E. The civil engineering and fiber optic work, was awarded to the company aytac-bau following a europe-wide invitation to tender", he continued. This was the third european-wide tender for heiligenstadt. The municipality also found a planner, the company lan-consult, and a lessee, the company bisping und bisping, for this project.

The necessary signatures for the foundation were obtained on 28 february. August at the notary. The company account was opened at the local raiffeisenbank and the necessary share capital of 50,000 euros was paid by the market of heiligenstadt into the account of the broadband company of markt heiligenstadt. "The company will be responsible for the task of broadband development and will provide future-proof telecommunications services to 24 parts of the community", kramer summarized.

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Drug search: police arrest seven people

Drug search: police arrest seven people

The wurzburg criminal investigation department continues to record major successes in the fight against drug-related crime. On wednesday, drug investigators, together with officers from other police stations and narcotics dogs, were out and about in wurzburg, the wurzburg district and the kitzingen district. A total of 14 apartments and other objects were searched – among others, the officers were also on duty in mainbernheim. Seven people were arrested. Three of them are now in custody. The officers seized, among other things, two kilograms of narcotics and just over 12,000 euros in drug money.

Wednesday's police action is connected with very intensive investigations against a group of offenders from the kitzingen and wurzburg area, four of whom have already been in prison since the spring. Further investigations conducted in this connection by the wurzburg criminal investigation department together with the wurzburg public prosecutor's office gradually yielded evidence of a 28-year-old man who is strongly suspected of having resold around 20 kilograms of hashish and seven kilograms of amphetamine since september of last year.

Watches and weapons seized
After the suspicions against the man from wurzburg had become more concrete and there were also indications of other suspects, arrest warrants and numerous search warrants had already been issued in advance against the 28-year-old and a five-year-old from the district of kitzingen.

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Financial compromise causes tensions at eu summit

Financial compromise causes tensions at eu summit

Great britain’s reservations led to new tensions at EU summit in brussels. On thursday, the heads of state and government were initially unable to agree on a rapid approval of the EU financial planning up to 2020. British head of government david cameron in particular voiced concerns. However, the final approval is a prerequisite for releasing billions for the fight against youth unemployment as planned.

Great britain has received a discount on its EU payments since 1984 because it benefits comparatively little from the union’s agricultural pots. Most recently, this "british rebate" amounted to 3.6 billion euros per year (2011). Cameron reportedly resists possible reductions of up to ten percent through changes in the tax base. Even at the special summit in february, the "british rebate" was not questioned.

"It is absolutely vital that we stick to the february agreement and that we protect the british rebate," said the british prime minister.

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Farewell to copper money – belgium dares the experiment

Farewell to copper money - belgium dares the experiment

At some german supermarket checkouts, it’s already being done: rounded off. Instead of having change paid out in cents, customers can have it rounded off and use it to make a donation of a very small amount.

Belgium has made the procedure a law: since the beginning of december, businesses have had to round change up or down to five cents. However, customers will also be able to pay with the mini coins in the future. Is this also an option for germany?

Belgian retail traders at least draw a positive interim balance sheet. Almost a month after the reform, the retail association speaks of a successful start. "There are few problems overall," a spokeswoman said. Only a few customers had complained or asked whether winnings from sports betting or card payments were now also rounded off.

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End of a presidency – what happens to trump??

End of a presidency - what happens to trump??

Self-confidence is part of every election campaign, and if there’s one thing donald trump doesn’t lack, it’s confidence.

Even by his own standards, the u.S. President went out on a limb when he claimed that he was running against "the worst candidate" ever in the election. And if he does lose to democrat joe biden? "Maybe i’ll have to leave the country," the republican sneered in mid-october. Though trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat by biden. In all likelihood, he’ll be out of the country on 20. January but will have to leave the woman’s house. What happens to trump after this? His opponents preferred to see the 74-year-old in court.


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European banking supervisor faces rough stress test

european banking supervisor faces rough stress test

The test will serve as an assessment of how crisis-proof the banks are now, nowotny said on friday at the presentation of the financial market stability report in vienna, according to a report by the APA news agency. This stress test will be carried out in coordination with the european central bank (ECB) and the existing supervisory authority, the european banking authority (EBA).

There is a reason for the joint action by the ECB, for the banks in the eurozone, and the european banking authority (EBA) for the other banks of the total of 27 EU member states: the aim is to avoid isolated stress tests by the ECB and the EBA, nowotny said.

The new european banking supervisory authority at the ECB will be installed in stages starting in 2013; it is expected to be fully operational in march 2014. The ECB directly is to be responsible for financial institutions with a balance sheet total of 30 billion euros or more, europe’s finance ministers agreed this week. But if necessary, it can act on all of the more than 6,000 banks in the eurozone. About 150 banks were allowed to be covered by direct ECB control, but they accounted for 85 percent of asset holdings.

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In court: speeding driver was banned from driving several times and kept on driving

In court: speeding driver was banned from driving several times and kept on driving

If you call him a speeder, the 43-year-old can hardly complain. He was speeding six times in two years. He has collected several driving bans for it. When the points account was full, he also lost his driving license. Now he has been convicted of forgery and driving without a license – six months imprisonment on probation.

When he was stopped on the highway in october in a delivery van, the driver had just handed in his driver’s license three days earlier – once again. But the driving ban did not prevent him from getting behind the wheel. Because he had a cell phone to his ear, the 43-year-old was stopped by a patrolman. At the same time he tried to change the officers. He presented a forged driver’s license. In the indictment it was read as premeditated driving despite driving ban plus forgery of documents.

The building cleaner admitted to driving in court. "This happened under coercion from the boss", he tried to explain the trip without being able to remember the name of the boss. He did not want to know about the certificate forgery. He had shown his identity card. "A false driver’s license or any other forgery was never handed over", he told the court.

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Zahes wrangling over half-finished ships at p s shipyards

Zahes wrangling over half-finished ships at p s shipyards

"We still have not received a concrete proposal for a solution that could serve as a basis for discussion," said a spokeswoman for the shipping company. The yard itself did not provide any information on the content and possible interim results of the talks with customers and suppliers. Scandlines, on the other hand, stated that so far there had only been an initial exchange of letters to sound out a basis for talks.

At the end of this week, the wages of around 1750 shipyard workers will fall. It is still unclear whether these will be paid by P+S or already as insolvency money. The delivery of the scandlines ships will be postponed again until january and april 2013 due to unsolved construction problems, as was announced last week. This date had not been officially communicated to the shipping company until today, scandlines said.

Meanwhile, at the sister shipyard in wolgast, there are first signs that shipyard manager rudiger fuchs’ talks with business partners have borne fruit. Two outside companies that had initially pulled out after the government stopped providing rescue aid a week ago had meanwhile sent workers back to the shipyard, said works council member carsten frick.

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Redesign of the “black robe” costs millions

Redesign of the

The former "black rob" inn in the kasendorf village center is to be used by the diaconia in the future. The building, which recently made headlines for its acute danger of collapsing, is to be converted into a day care center for senior citizens. In addition, the administration of the diaconia also wanted to move in there. 460 to 480 square meters are required by the social welfare agency.

On the basis of these specifications, the bedheim architect florian kirfel and his team have worked out different planning variants, which were presented to the municipal council on wednesday evening. The office is known for its creative ideas in the renovation of historic buildings.

"Too much money has been invested at the wrong time"

Florian kirfel has discovered that the inn was once a roughly symmetrical house with a prominent gateway. The addition of a hall has robbed the once independent building of its symmetry. "Much of the original historic building has been destroyed. Too much money has been invested at the wrong time", said kirfel.

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