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Berlin wants to tighten up curfew – new rules for festivals

Berlin wants to tighten up curfew - new rules for festivals

Because of the corona pandemic, berlin will soon have lower ceilings for private associations. Only 25 people are allowed to meet outside instead of 50, and only members of one household plus a maximum of five other people are allowed to meet inside instead of ten.

This was decided by the senate on tuesday, as announced by head of government michael muller (SPD). The senate had already decided to extend the mandatory wearing of masks. In the future, it will also apply to weekly markets, certain shopping streets and queues where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters does not have to be observed.

As muller announced, the lockdown imposed to contain the pandemic is also to be made court-proof. There are plans for an ordinance and a change in the law to "tighten up" the nighttime curfew and the ban on serving alcohol, both in the catering trade and in late-night outlets.

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Corona warning app a “toothless tiger” for soder

Corona warning app a 'toothless tiger' for soder

Bavaria’s minister-president markus soder considers the corona warning app to be practically ineffective so far. "The app is unfortunately a toothless tiger so far. It hardly has a warning effect," the CSU leader told the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe.

"Therefore, a digital update is needed to exploit all possibilities so that the corona app becomes effective." How exactly this update should look, lieb soder open.

SPD health politician karl lauterbach also called for the corona warning app to be upgraded with additional functions because of the sharp rise in corona numbers. He told the redaktionsnetzwerk deutschland (RND/tuesday) that one could not be satisfied with the fact that only 60 percent of the users who tested positive continue to report their findings for warnings through the app. "The question had to be reversed: whether someone explicitly does not want to warn."So far, users who test positive have to actively agree that their risk contacts are informed via the app.

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Coronavirus crisis: criticism of bvb boss watzke increases

Coronavirus crisis: criticism of bvb boss watzke increases

Criticism of borussia dortmund’s managing director hans-joachim watzke for his statements on dealing with the corona virus does not rub off.

In thomas rottgermann and helge leonhardt, club bosses from the first and second divisions accused the BVB boss of an unsuitable and unsolidary attitude in the situation. "I don’t know what drove him to say that. I think this is absolutely unsolidaric. It was neither the right time nor the right content," fortuna dusseldorf’s chairman of the board rottgermann told the "rheinische post.

"I think completely differently, because i was brought up differently and have already experienced three major crises in the last 20 years and have social responsibility for many people. And it wasn’t about fubballers who are multimillionaires," the club boss of second-league club erzgebirge aue, leonhardt, told the "leipziger volkszeitung" newspaper.

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The employment agency first investigates

"You can’t react any faster", says tanja neppe from the schweinfurt employment agency. There, the latest legal regulations were quickly added to the homepage and made visible to everyone. The e-services, which provide services via the internet and the latest information on short-time allowances, can now also be found there. Because for the public the offices are closed.

Recently, the payment of short-time allowance is not only possible due to significant loss of work, but also when short-time work in connection with the corona virus leads to loss of pay. The press spokeswoman is not yet able to give concrete figures, especially for the habberge district. Currently, as she reported, first of all a monitoring is set up to collect the data. 11,000 employers in the main-rhon region have been contacted by the authorities in recent days to inform them of the new legal situation.

Even before the corona crisis, the economy was weak, and the number of companies with short-time work in the region had risen noticeably. Now this trend is intensifying. "We are being contacted more intensively at all levels and from all sectors", says tanja neppe, without wanting to be more specific. "There is a rising dynamic in any case." But she points out that in many cases it is first of all a matter of inquiries. Eki

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On the day of friendship

On the occasion of the international day of friendship on 30. July, the johanniter emphasize the value of fursorglichen miteinanders – especially in corona times. "Those who are friends take a share in the other and stand up for them. That’s why we value good friendships", says olaf mauer, head of the johanniter service in schweinfurt, in a press release. "Because people need a reliable community, in times of peace as well as in times of crisis. In short, being there for others is an essential part of our humanity." The international "day of friendship" proclaimed by the united nations ties in with that to. He wants to encourage fostering a friendly and caring relationship that goes far beyond the private sphere.

"There is a lot of talk about the ‘new normal’ at the moment", emphasizes mauer. "In this new normality between relaxation and vigilance, we have now settled down to a certain extent. Staying healthy, being able to celebrate with friends and family again, the vacation trip: this requires that everyone consciously takes care of each other. It’s sometimes hard work. But it is also a chance to make this solidarity a permanent part of our future everyday life."

It is a matter of course for the johanniter to be there for people who need help and support. Even across borders. One example is the annual "johanniter christmas trucker" campaign, to be held again in 2020, albeit in a different form

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17:00 On the road like christmas

Niklas schmitt yes, is it christmas already?? For the parcel delivery people in germany already. In the last few months, they have been as busy as they usually are during the (pre)christmas season. The exit restrictions caused by the corona crisis in particular have further boosted internet orders, which have already risen steadily in recent years.

While some people are increasingly mobile on the internet, others have to bring the things they order home. This is pushing delivery services to their limits – also in the hochstadt area. That’s why the post office, which includes DHL, is now building a new distribution center in hochstadt.

More and more parcels

Two years ago, the frankischer tag had already reported on the "unbearably tight" staffing situation conditions at the uehlfeld delivery point reported. The company reacted with an expansion, the plans to merge the hochstadt, uehlfeld and weisendorf bases were first cancelled, shortly afterwards the center moved on to neustadt.

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