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Google torpedoes data collection via cookies

Google torpedoes data collection via cookies

After apple and the firefox developer mozilla took action against so-called cookies from data collectors, google also wants to remove them from its chrome web browser in the next two years.

Chrome dominates the market of programs for navigating the web with a share of more than 60 percent. This may have sealed the end of this kind of data collection.

Cookies are small files that, for example, a website can store in the browser in order to recognize a user the next time he or she visits the site. But they can also be used to follow a person from website to website.

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Many questions and still little clarity on telecom caps

But since telekom says the speed limit won’t take effect until 2016 and the market is changing rapidly, it’s still hard to predict what the consequences will be:

Who will be subject to the caps?

First of all, it’s only about new customers who have a contract from 2. May 2013 to abschlieben. "Existing contracts are not affected by the changes," telekom promised in its announcement on monday. The speed brake is not expected to take effect "before 2016".

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Android inventor andy rubin’s start-up fails

Android inventor andy rubin's start-up fails

The highly acclaimed smartphone start-up essential, led by andy rubin, who is considered the father of the android mobile system, is giving up.

Actually, the company wanted to launch an unusual new phone at the beginning of this year, only about half the width of today’s smartphones. But they see no way to bring the device on the market, explained essential in a blog entry in the night to thursday. The "new york times" reported that none of the major u.S. Mobile operators had shown any interest in the essential phone with the name gem.

Rubin was one of the founders of the start-up android, which developed an operating system for computer telephones. Google bought the company in 2005. When apple released its iphone two years later, google made android the basis for a competing smartphone platform. The operating system is offered free of charge to manufacturers. The business model ensured that android now has a market share of more than 80 percent of smartphone sales.

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