Volkacher schutze becomes german champion

Volkacher schutze becomes german champion

With his gun at the ready, he is calm, focused and ambitious. A few weeks ago, volkach sport shooter philipp grimm won the european championship title together with the german junior national team in bologna, italy. He has now added a crown to this success. With the free pistol (50 meters, small bore), he became the german individual champion at the national championships in munich-hochbruck. Despite all his successes, philipp has remained modest: "i don't like to be in the foreground at all."

Next to grimm two young archers stand in the constant ramp light. Florian skoda and julian dinkel proved a sure hand at the bavarian and german championships, where they finished among the top ten participants.

Youth work bears fruit

Because the new generation is so strong at the confined privileged guard society volkach, the association awarded its successful title bearers on thursday at the guard house. From the city of volkach, sports officer peter haupt congratulated: "the successes are a sign that the youth work of the volkacher schutzen is bearing fruit."

The traditional michaeli shooting is a suitable occasion to honor the young gunners, said heiko bauerlein, himself an active gunner. With a "triple good shot" he says he loved to celebrate the three talents. In his laudatory speech, he described philipp grimm as "currently the best volkach horse in the stable, a real golden boy". Grimm's pushcart has a family tradition. He is trained by his father fred, who has continuously challenged his son from an early age and taught him the tricks of the trade when he pushes. At home, philipp has a whole box of medals in his cupboard. "Respect!" Said bauerlein.

At the age of twelve philipp started to push the sport. "I have stayed with it because the pushing and the socializing in the team have always been fun for me", he says. Today the student of business informatics is 20 years old. "His ability to concentrate makes him an excellent competition shooter", his trainer attests. Under nervous strain he even shoots better in competition than in training.

Gold and silver in a pack

In 2007, philipp was selected for the bavarian youth squad and for the german squad. He has been on the national team's C squad since 2008. In 2009 he won his first medal at the german championships. Since then, he has won three gold and one silver medal at german championships.
The youngest competition in hochbruck did not start so well for philipp. It was still quite dark and cold, which did not please the pistolslinger at all. "But I improved during the competition and shot really well," says his coach, tells the newly crowned german champion.

From the preliminaries, he went into the final as the first-placed rider. The "place in the sun thanks to strong performance he did not give up. His goal was a medal, of which he brought home two at once. He had already won the silver medal with the air pistol the day before. In his parade discipline with the free pistol he achieved a super result with 546 rings, which can be built upon in the higher shooting class.

Crowning conclusion of the junior years

Philipp is now moving on to the adults and his coach is confident that he will continue to develop his skills there. "That was a crowning conclusion after his junior years", fred grimm sees his protege on the right track. "The 546 rings were enough for seventh place at the german championships in the shooter class", says his coach. Fred grimm is also aware of the strong competition among the adults: "philipp will have one or two years to gnaw in the schutzen class."

Whether philipp succeeds in making the leap from the junior class to the guard class among germany's elite riflemen will probably also depend on the time he has available for training in addition to his studies. "I will do my best in any case and see what comes out", volkach's model sports protector is relaxed.

For all his serenity, however, ambition will always accompany him, because philipp has a rough goal: "to be in the olympics one day." It remains to be seen whether he will be able to do so in four years' time at the olympics in rio de janeiro. But the unerring golden boy can be trusted with anything.