Snowden seeks asylum in venezuela – usa insists on extradition

Snowden seeks asylum in venezuela - usa insists on extradition

Whistleblower edward snowden, hunted by the u.S. As a traitor, has officially requested asylum in venezuela. This was confirmed by the venezuelan head of state nicolas maduro. The intelligence specialist must now decide when he wants to fly to venezuela, said the president. U.S. Citizen snowden has been stuck in the transit area of moscow’s sheremetyevo airport for more than two weeks, according to russian reports. The 30-year-old does not have a russian visa, and the U.S. Has canceled his passport.

The russian leadership had repeatedly stressed that it would not bow to pressure from the U.S. Political scientist alexei makarkin stressed that russia should continue not to extradite snowden to the u.S. "If u.S. President barack obama does cancel his planned september visit to moscow because of snowden, it would not be a disaster", makarkin told the newspaper "moskovsky komsomolets" (tuesday). "Russia has tried to compromise with an offer of asylum, but it was too little for snowden and too much for the U.S. – this shows that a solution will be very difficult."

In washington, national security council spokeswoman bernadette meehan told the dpa news agency that obama plans to travel to russia in september. Government spokesman jay carney said the u.S. Still wanted to capture snowden. Washington was in contact with all the countries to which he could flee or which he could fly over on a flight. Carney again called on moscow to extradite snowden. Russia refuses to do so, citing, among other things, the possibility of the death penalty in the U.S.

Snowden had revealed, among other things, that the U.S. Intelligence service NSA was using its "prism" spy program to worldwide communication by e-mail and telephone is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The USA is looking for the IT specialist for betrayal of secrets.

Venezuela’s president maduro had emphasized several times in recent days that snowden could expect a positive decision on his asylum application for humanitarian reasons. Nevertheless, the application has yet to be officially decided in venezuela. Washington had warned against such a step and called on caracas to extradite snowden to the U.S. If he entered the country. Nicaragua and bolivia also considered possible asylum countries.

There is no direct flight from moscow to caracas. That is why there is always speculation that snowden could travel from russia via cuba to venezuela with substitute documents.