Middle franconia: man fills gasoline can next to burning candle – deflagration

Middle Franconia: man fills gasoline can next to burning candle - deflagration

Luck in the accident had on saturday around 17.55 o’clock a 52-year-old man, when it came in its in the auracher local part wine mountain to a deflagration.

According to the police, the man was busy pouring gasoline from a larger canister into a smaller one on his workbench. In the process, he spilled some gasoline, which apparently came into contact with the flame of a candle standing next to it. The gasoline ignited immediately, which led to a violent deflagration.

The man, who obviously had a saving guardian angel at his side at the time, escaped relatively unharmed. However, as a result of the deflagration, all the rooms in the workshop and the first floor in the adjacent residential building were dusted with dust. No damage was caused to the fabric of the building. The damage caused by the pile-up is estimated at around 10.000 euros estimated.

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the fire departments from weinberg and aurach were on the scene, and it was only up to them to clear the smoky rooms of air.