Devoted music making for felix draeseke

Devoted music making for felix draeseke

A special occasion this year was the 100th birthday of the church. Anniversary of the death of the clay victim, to whom therefore the largest part of the program was dedicated. The professors barbara thiem (violoncello) and wolfgang muller-steinbach (piano) performed at the kunstverein the ballade op. 7 and sonata no. 2 von draeseke to perform, between which the last of ludwig van beethoven's five cello sonatas was played. The solid performances, which received rich applause, had deserved a much better attendance – again a proof for the correctness of the proverb "the prophet counts for nothing in his fatherland".

Expressive early work
The early work of the ballad is divided into three parts (duster – heller – verloschend), which barbara thiem performed with expressive, richly colored tone, secure plying and spirited interpretation, carried by the usual dense piano accompaniment of draeseke, which was in the best hands of the technically superior and dynamically careful wolfgang muller-steinbach.

Forceful design
Seamless interplay and forceful interpretation was also experienced in beethoven's sonata in d major op. 109/2 with its energetic first movement, the hauntingly cantabile adagio and the merry final fugue, which boldly and uncompromisingly demonstrates the contrapuntal skills of its creator.

Premiere was the center of attention
The main work was the premiere of an arrangement by muller-steinbach of the sonata for viola alta and piano from the year 1892 as 2. Sonata in C minor for violoncello and piano, a weighty, three-movement work of considerable length, which would certainly have had to eke out a shadowy existence without this transcription, since the original instrument has gone out of fashion.

Both interpreters were dedicated and competent for the work, which was performed with great care, and brought it to an impressive performance.

After sustained applause, the "reed song", also arranged by muller-steinbach, was heard op. 71 nr. 4 the other "felix (mendelssohn-bartholdy) as an encore.