Betting, the bayerische rundschau loses?

Betting, the bayerische rundschau loses?

No fear, who does not or no longer female, how to make such a hat, you will learn in our issue of 5. July. There we print not only a craft sheet, but also instructions on how to fold the most convenient, plus.

And if you don’t know the words to the frankenlied by heart, we’ll help you, too. Come, the hat put on and sing must then however already everyone itself. At 17 o’clock will then be paid by us, the result will be around 17.15 o’clock announced – afterwards there will be singing.

And what happens if we lose, i.E. If more than 200 people from kulmbach come with their hats on and start singing the frankenlied?? – then pay "francs help francs, the donation organization of the mediengruppe oberfranken, to which the bayerische rundschau belongs, 2000 euro to the schwister-gummi foundation in kulmbach.

Eduard, christiana and eva gummi established the schwister gummi foundation in kulmbach in 1862. Formerly an orphanage, the foundation is now a leading child and youth welfare organization in upper franconia with a lot of help, many facilities and offers, as it itself informs. The foundation supports children, young people and families in different life situations. With a children’s home and residential groups, mobile youth services, day care centers for children with special needs, after-school care centers, a multigenerational house and family meeting place, youth social work and "fit for kids"-courses the foundation has a wide range of offers in this area.

"Franks help franks", the donation association of the media group upper franconia has set itself the goal of actively supporting regional projects and committed fellow citizens who are committed to our common good: whether with donations for planned activities or with contributions to associations.