An honor for engelhardt

The jury of the forum culture of the metropolitan region nurnberg has elected michael engelhardt end of november as artist of the month. Born in erlangen in october 1952, the artist michael engelhardt, with more than 500 works to date, is one of a group of visual artists who have always attracted attention and admiration for their high quality work and stylistically unique creations. Important collections, museums and private collectors are in possession of these unique masterpieces, says a press release of the metropolitan region.

In the past 50 years or so of his work, he has become known to a broad public in particular for his painting style, which contains elements of so-called "magic realism" picks up. He deliberately deals with a genre of art that bridges the gap between the real and the unreal, between sensual object presence and visual imagination.

The jury of the forum kultur honored michael engelhardt as an artist who, due to his highly artificial art and painting style, has created a work of the highest quality and style, which can claim to be unique in its interplay of forms. Michael engelhardt lives and works in the nurnberg metropolitan region and has remained connected to it since his birth. With his work he enriches the metropolitan region of nurnberg and contributes with his exhibitions to see the region as a place where art and culture of various forms can flourish and receive high recognition.