Women’s weapons

Meanwhile he played with a piece of wood and invented the stick. His manly genius awakened, and from there it was only a short way to the powerful club. The jager was able to go hunting, and from then on meat was served with the soup.

So or so similarly we have always imagined it.

But is it really true? There is reason to throw this philosophy out of the window: american and british researchers claim that manner was not a hunter. They believe it may have been women who invented the first weapons for hunting.

How they come up with it? In senegal, they discovered a tribe of monkeys in which the females use sticks to hunt, which they skillfully use as spears.

Since we humans are quasi related to the chimpanzees, the scientists assume that it was women who were the first to make weapons and who courageously took up the cudgel when it mattered most.
And what does the wise man learn from these findings?? Exactly: he goes to clean the cave, voluntarily…