Viewpoint in the vineyard

Arrived at the top, patrick vogt says: "the place is really chosen correctly." The vogt garden and landscaping company from gemunden is currently laying out a "terroir f-point in the vineyards above the town. Soon hammelburg will also be part of the network of special viewpoints spread throughout the french wine region.

Not only the whole of hammelburg can be seen from the site at ofenthaler berg. The view extends far into the saale valley. This is to be made tangible in a special way: the "terroir f"-concept combines landscape with viticultural history and theme.

Four hor stations are being built in hammelburg, explains felix lang of the buro fur landschaftsarchitektur arc.Grun from kitzingen, who came up with the design idea for the "terroir f" store-point supplied. The hor stations will be located at the bends of a zigzag path. They form something like portals. There will be a seating area and a cupboard where wine, for example, can be stored for tours. In addition, as with all "terroir f"-where steel flags point out the worthiness of a visit.

The path in the vineyard slope is already visible. The foundation strips for the hor stations are also already laid out. Constructions made of corten steel are built on them. On the inside, the portals will be golden in color, describes lang the design. The horstations are to tell the story of hammelburg’s winegrowing in dialect. The zigzag path had to be adapted to the slope. Because of the land, it has a gradient of more than six percent, explains vogt.

The idea for a "terroir f"-point in hammelburg is already several years old. The first considerations go back to the year 2013. In ramsthal it went faster. Here was a "terroir f"-lookout point opened in 2016. The search for a site in hammelburg was not the only reason why it took so long – a site on hammelberg had initially been considered. Until a few years ago, the town could not afford such a special feature.

According to city builder detlef mohr, the "terroir f" will cost-point around 200,000 euros. The state institute for wine and horticulture veitshochheim gives 90 000 euros as a grant. The hammelburger weinbauverein contributes 10 000 euro.

As much of the work as possible is to be completed this year. How much can actually be done, however, depends on the weather and the accessibility for the metal construction company, as lang explains. Because work on the slope becomes difficult when it rains. After the construction work, the land will be planted with vineyard peaches and vines so that visitors really have the impression of walking through a vineyard.

This is "terroir f "terroir f" gathers about 20 viewpoints that mark a special chapter of viticulture in the landscape. It is an idea of the french wine tourism markets "wine.Schooner.Land". "Terroir f" takes up the french name for the typical character that a wine forms on its site. The small f stands for franken.