Unashamed accusations?

The attack of the city council faction of the union against the SPD city council faction regarding the cultural demand in the city is firmly rejected by reiner buttner, spokesman of the SPD city council faction. "One wonders whether the union has lost all its manners as a result of the political ash wednesday. To accuse the SPD faction of a confidence trick is impudent", writes buttner in a press release. "It is true that the SPD faction has included the request of the young theater forchheim (JTF) for more financial support from the city in its budget proposal. It was the only faction to demand the requested 35,000 euros", so buttner. "The fact that the CSU faction made no effort to reform the cultural work in forchheim for decades until the change of the mayor and now immediately demands this from the new mayor is dishonest."
The new mayor will have to deal with many of the city’s problems that were postponed by the CSU, such as the renovation of the city hall, the hospital merger and housing construction. The improvement of the cultural work is one of these open tasks, but is already on the agenda for 2018.
"Culture is important to the city, as can be seen from the fact that the "kulturpuls" project is being funded is required by the city", writes buttner.