The “trio exotic” transforms water into a sensual experience


For the conclusion of the igensdorf summer of culture, the organizers around frank herdegen had come up with something special. They invited the visitors to a double event around the theme "water" a.

Sturdy shoes and a camera were essential for the first part of the afternoon water hike from the starting point in the village of dorfhaus in weibenoh along the lillach river. The guided tour was in the hands of the dipl.-biologist ute gellenthien from the federation for nature conservation.

Together they went to sinter terraces. As the graduate biologist explained to the participants during the excursion, the sinter levels were formed over 10,000 years ago in the course of the last ice age. They are still today an almost unique refuge for rare and often endangered animals and plants. These included the fire salamander, the female water ouzel, the two-striped damselfly, a damselfly as well as 120 species of butterfly and many rare species of cape.

Out of the concert hall
That's why the sinter terraces of the lillach were elevated to a flat-covering natural monument in 1976. Since 1995 they have been part of the protected area of the "francophone switzerland" nature park.

After the guests had been provided with a snack by the forderverein of the singing and music school in igensdorf, the topic for them was "water" for a second time.

In the elementary school, the performance of the bamberg band "trio exotic" was a big hit everything about the precious water.
The ensemble, known far beyond the borders of the region, with corinna fruhwald on the flute, regularly finds a conventional concert hall too cramped. Then the musicians break out and play in synagogues, on sand dunes, in dripstone caves or even in the sewage system.

With the azerbaijani-born cellist oleg galperin and sevinc salam on piano, corinna fruhwald performed works by handel, chopin and gaubert.
The songs all had one thing in common: they dealt with water in its many different forms: as a lake or even as small raindrops.

Two sides of the water
But also from the pianist sevinc salam were some pieces, for example the piano solo, the cello solo "voice of the sea". In the play "the breath of the sea cello and piano then played together.

The audience could go home that evening with the certainty that they had experienced two interesting facets of water: the natural side during the initial hike. And the spiritual side of the water that the excellent "trio exotic" musically unfolded before you.