The police controlled the cyclists

The habfurt police department set up a bicycle inspection campaign in the habfurt town area. The reason for the police, as the office in the district town announced, was that in 2018, compared to the previous year, the number of cyclists injured in accidents had increased by more than 50 percent. The police of habfurt considers such preventive measures as "very important and useful and would like to carry out the action regularly in the future".

The aim of the check was to make cyclists aware of the road safety of their bicycles and of their own protective measures such as bicycle helmets. Checklists were also distributed in the form of a flyer.

A total of 44 cyclists were stopped and checked. 25 verbal warnings and four cash warnings were given. Not even half of the cyclists stopped were wearing helmets. The officers especially pointed out to these cyclists the importance of wearing a helmet, which can minimize head injuries.

The most common traffic violation was the use of sidewalks by adults, sometimes in the wrong direction. With prevention and insight talks, the police officers wanted to put a stop to this "widespread bad habit with appeals".

During the inspection it was also found that the bicycles were mostly equipped with roadworthy equipment