Successful dress rehearsal for the tsv

The 600 or so runners from the state of bavaria found the expectedly difficult course at the bavarian cross-country championships in markt indersdorf north of munich. The partly still snow-covered course alternated with deep muddy passages and demanded everything from the runners. Runners from tsv hochstadt showed themselves to be optimally prepared. With five medals to their credit, they are well prepared for the german championships next weekend in dornstetten in the black forest. Outstanding runner was martin grau, who was decorated with two gold and two silver medals each.

Only grau can follow the leader
At the starting line of the 3250 meter long race were the best runners of bavaria, among them last year's german cross champion tobias grobel of the LG zusam or philipp pflieger (LG regensburg), who last year ran over 5000 meters meter had started at the european championships. Grobel immediately took the lead, only martin grau was able to follow him. Konstantin wedel, marco kurzdorfer and tobias budde placed in the chasing group.
It was already clear before the finish that the team titles would only go to regensburg and hochstadt, the individual medals came into focus: in the last of three laps martin could not close the gap to grobel and was content with 2nd place overall (10:06 minutes) in the men's race, but won the junior race in superior fashion. "In the last round I couldn't get any air through my nose, my cold from the week before was apparently not completely cured yet", biengartner declared.

Superior victory in the junior team competition
Behind it a thrilling fight for the top spot started other places. Konstantin wedel thought he had to run one more lap and had to let his long-time rival jonas koller pass just before the finish line. For him it was enough to place 3 (10:27) in the junior race. Together with marco kurzdorfer (10:38), who as a middle distance runner finished 5th, the young hochstadt team won the junior team title and second place behind regensburg. Team II with tobias budde(10:59, place 7), zacharias wedel (11:15, place 12) and christian amon (11:26, place 14) also got the very good fifth place in the manner team ranking.
Next weekend, the hochstadters will face what is probably germany's toughest cross-country course at the german championships in dornstetten. According to the organizers, there was still 40 centimeters of snow on the course, which was allowed to turn into a mixture of snow and slush by saturday. With more than 120 starters on the middle distance and the best teams in germany, a place among the best six would have been a great success for the aischgrund team.