Lautertal holds the soil dear

The municipality lies with the initiative "bodenstandig" of the bavarian state ministry for food, agriculture and forestry. At the community council meeting, daniel spaderna from the office for rural development (ale) gave detailed information on the project. A decision on participation has not yet been made, although the municipality is required to take action in view of the water problem on the agricultural land in the froschengraben alone.

Central concerns of "bodenstandig are erosion protection by reducing soil erosion from the fields, water protection by reducing nutrient and sediment input into the water, peak discharges during floods are to be mitigated, and buffers and retention structures are to be created. One of the focal points will be discussions with farmers, as more and more heavy precipitation is having an impact on land use. "Our current landscapes are a discontinued model", said spaderna. Therefore, the implementation should no longer take place at the green table. Rather, the aim was to achieve a participatory effect in the field, with farmers, in addition to the municipality, supporting the goals of "ground-level" should also make their own. The concept is financed 100 percent through the ale. A whole bundle of measures could be carried out.

To the question of the mayor sebastian straubel (CSU), whether the initiative the building of the rain water collector at the sports field oberlauter was delayed up to the conclusion of the procedure, came from the speaker a clear "no". The collector could be tackled independently of it. Mayor’s summary: "we are staying on top of this issue."

The mayor informed the town councils and the citizens in the public meeting about a number of things. The increase in construction costs for both the renovation of the middle school and the construction of the multigenerational playground also led to an increase in planning services, he said. Further minor repairs to the mirsdorfer path in neukirchen required additional costs of 23,000 euros.

According to straubel, the creation of a sewer cadastre will result in overbudgeted expenditures of 14,000 euros due to the actual length of the sewers and storm drains.

A speed measurement in rottenbach (on the initiative of local spokesman udo oppel) of about 8000 vehicles showed that the average was 38.4 km/h. 30 km/h is permitted. 14,000 vehicles were registered on 22 days during a traffic count in rosenauer weg. This was announced at the request of councilman manfred menzel.

The village community of rottenbach has received a recognition award for its village pond project after the mayor entered it into the competition "the gentler village – the gentler town" had registered.

The sale of the community center in tiefenlauter has been completed. The fire department can stay until the end of april 2019.

The renovation of the cemetery chapel in unterlauter is almost complete. Damage to the roof still needs to be repaired.

A construction project in lautertal was completed even before the youngest municipal council meeting. The heavily used fubweg in the lautertaler frankenstrabe is now rehabilitated. The municipality has invested a total of around 25,000 euros in this area. "We have significantly increased safety for pedestrians by removing the trees", mayor straubel was pleased during a site visit. "The purchase also means that it is now possible to use the building with a wheelchair or baby carriage. This was not possible before or only under difficult conditions due to the poorly paved and stepped path. In this way, we have also taken up and implemented a demand made by the local social associations vdk and sovd", straubel continued.

Especially the longtime vdk-chairman klaus blumberg had talked with mayor sebastian straubel about the tree inspection. "Klaus blumberg unfortunately passed away much too early last year, he had been very happy about the completion", according to the mayor.

Since the city bus also serves the oberlauter district and stops at the town hall, the fubweg between frankenstrabe and eisenacher strabe is used even more intensively. With the road renovation, the fubweg has now also been illuminated. The exporting construction company was the stammberger company from rodental.

Mayor straubel thanked the employees of stammberger and suc for the rapid and smooth progress of the construction work. He also thanked peter welz from the municipal building department and the employees from the building yard.