France switzerland: broadband coming in five phases

france switzerland: broadband coming in five phases

The manager of the company "breitband markt heiligenstadt i. Ofr. Gmbh" is rudiger schmidt. At the meeting of the market town council of heiligenstadt, mayor helmut kramer (CSU/unity) reported on the implementation of the foundation.

"The contract for the construction of a broadband infrastructure, i.E. The civil engineering and fiber optic work, was awarded to the company aytac-bau following a europe-wide invitation to tender", he continued. This was the third european-wide tender for heiligenstadt. The municipality also found a planner, the company lan-consult, and a lessee, the company bisping und bisping, for this project.

The necessary signatures for the foundation were obtained on 28 february. August at the notary. The company account was opened at the local raiffeisenbank and the necessary share capital of 50,000 euros was paid by the market of heiligenstadt into the account of the broadband company of markt heiligenstadt. "The company will be responsible for the task of broadband development and will provide future-proof telecommunications services to 24 parts of the community", kramer summarized.

Rudiger schmidt, head of the heiligenstadt administration, had taken care of all the issues right from the start of the project and invested a lot of time in the invitations to tender, preparations and implementation. He is well networked and recognized by all those involved. Therefore, it was obvious to appoint him as the managing director of the company.

The next step was to appoint a supervisory board. "Through the supervisory board, the market town of heiligenstadt has a significant influence on the entrepreneurial and strategic decisions of the company, as it is under the 100 percent control of the market town", explained schmidt. He had written to the chairmen of the parliamentary groups in advance to ask who from the group should become a member of the new supervisory board. The chairmen of the parliamentary groups decided to become members of the supervisory board themselves, so that it is now made up of the following market town council members: monika von stauffenberg (CSU), hans goller (SPD), bernd buttner (BN) and peter landendorfer (WG). Chairman of the supervisory board is helmut kramer.

"The advantages of the company are that the broadband connection can be carried out quickly, federal and state funds can be used optimally and decisions can be made more quickly during the construction phase", explained the new managing director.

There was one small problem, however, because the preliminary grant notices had been issued to the market town of heiligenstadt. Now the company has to apply for the final demand notices so that it receives the demand money.

Since the broadband expansion can only begin after the final decision has been made, it did not look good in the short term for construction to begin this year. Schmidt submitted a motion of urgency on this matter, which was also accepted. Thus, in the first section from the 1. The construction of the new plant had already begun in october.

When the broadband company receives the final demand notice, further tree removals can be tackled next year. In the first section, veilbronn, leidingshof and siegritz will be extended, in the second section geisdorf, herzogenreuth, lindach, tiefenpolz, herzogenreuth, oberleinleiter, burggrub, zoggendorf, the passage through heiligenstadt and traindorf. In the third section, teuchatz, oberngrub, kalteneggolsfeld and in the fourth hohenpolz, brunn and reckendorf will be expanded; in the fifth section, neudorf, stucht and greifenstein will be expanded.

A construction schedule is not yet available. Almost 90 percent of property owners have signed up to have fiber optics installed directly to their homes.