Ebersdorf principal speaks critically, despite retirement

Ebersdorf principal speaks critically, despite retirement

Werner schumann is a principal who is appreciated by many because he has an open ear for students, parents and teachers and is someone who also voices his opinion. He will retire on friday at 5 p.M. In the frohnlach culture and sports hall. This marks the end of an era at the ebersdorf elementary and middle school.

Schumann sees the school as a service provider, which is why his office was always open, except when he was on the phone. The weidhauser, born in 1948, reveals: "becoming a teacher has always been my goal. I enjoyed working on the magic triangle of schoolchildren, parents and teachers."
He deliberately chose the elementary school because he is particularly interested in young people and their personal development.

He took up his first position in weitramsdorf in 1971 and then moved to sonnefeld. As a teacher who is particularly interested in socio-cultural subjects, he established work placements at the sonnefeld school from 1975 onwards, which were then officially incorporated into the curriculum in 1988/89.

In ebersdorf since 1988
Through these internships, schumann made many contacts and entered the field of lecturing. Before he goes to 1. When he came to ebersdorf in 1988, when it was still an independent secondary school, he worked for three and a half years as a principal in weidhausen. He has dismissed a total of 26 classes and had 680 students at his peak as principal. There are currently 390.

Werner schumann calls the construction of the new schoolhouse in ebersdorf an "outstanding event". When he came to the community, the first preliminary plans began. The building committee met 53 times before the third and final phase of the elementary school was inaugurated in 2001. "It was crazy, but it was worth it, because we have a school that has been spared vandalism, because the students feel comfortable here and like going there, the principal emphasizes. The trust that students have in their school, the teachers and the principal is another key point for him.

Criticism of the ministry of education
"In munich, they know everything, except when the school year begins and ends", the chairman of the staff council, werner schumann, criticizes the flow of information from the ministry of education. Reason: for some teachers, it is not yet clear which class they will have in the coming school year or whether they will be able to stay at their school. "For example, we are already short of an elementary school teacher for the coming year. We also still have room for teachers at the main school", schumann emphasizes.

In addition to two full-day classes, there will be a so-called M-course (middle maturity) for the seventh class, since the "pralax" will be used as a school for the seventh grade-school association on the ebersdorf/sonnefeld track no middle-school class comes into being. With some nostalgia, he remembers earlier times when planning for the new school year began with the start of the teachers' vacation and special lessons could still be offered. Today, everything has to be planned precisely because there are far too few teaching hours available. That's why he doesn't think it's feasible to introduce full-day classes across the board. "There was also a lot of rebuilding work to be done, as most schools do not have a cafeteria. There is a lack of foresight", says schumann.

Before he was elected chairman of the staff council in 1982, he worked as a sports advisor for coburg-land from 1977 to 1982 a. Because there was always the discussion that principals cannot represent teachers as staff council chairmen, but his colleagues always gave him the most votes in his re-elections, werner schumann saw this as a gross sign of trust and was happy to take on the tasks as staff council chairman. He is retiring from this position at the age of 30. July. "I got a lot out of this office, both factually and professionally, because I got to know other backgrounds and, for example, I also had to deal intensively with laws and regulations."
His passion for sports is table tennis. He has been table tennis district chairman since 1984 and district chairman since 1990. The bavarian finals in school table tennis were held four times in the frankenland hall, as were the annual district finals. He also resigned from both offices at the age of 30. July. Since werner schumann worked to live, not much will change for him, his wife sigrid and the family of his daughter anja. "Only the time pressure will be gone", says schumann calmly