Drug search: police arrest seven people

Drug search: police arrest seven people

The wurzburg criminal investigation department continues to record major successes in the fight against drug-related crime. On wednesday, drug investigators, together with officers from other police stations and narcotics dogs, were out and about in wurzburg, the wurzburg district and the kitzingen district. A total of 14 apartments and other objects were searched – among others, the officers were also on duty in mainbernheim. Seven people were arrested. Three of them are now in custody. The officers seized, among other things, two kilograms of narcotics and just over 12,000 euros in drug money.

Wednesday's police action is connected with very intensive investigations against a group of offenders from the kitzingen and wurzburg area, four of whom have already been in prison since the spring. Further investigations conducted in this connection by the wurzburg criminal investigation department together with the wurzburg public prosecutor's office gradually yielded evidence of a 28-year-old man who is strongly suspected of having resold around 20 kilograms of hashish and seven kilograms of amphetamine since september of last year.

Watches and weapons seized
After the suspicions against the man from wurzburg had become more concrete and there were also indications of other suspects, arrest warrants and numerous search warrants had already been issued in advance against the 28-year-old and a five-year-old from the district of kitzingen.

The large-scale police operation then started simultaneously on wednesday morning at a total of 14 properties in wurzburg, rottendorf, altertheim and mainbernheim. Not only apartments, but also caravans were searched. The officers seized about 630 grams of amphetamine, 1400 grams of cannabis products, as well as scales, tongs and packaging material. Investigators also seized just over 12,000 euros in suspected drug money, six kilograms of narcotics and five expensive breitling watches. They also confiscated a small-caliber pistol ready to fire, a PTB weapon, a telescopic baton and a stun gun disguised as a flashlight.

After two of those arrested had already been remanded in custody, a 31-year-old man also had an appointment with the investigating judge on thursday morning at the request of the public prosecutor's office in wurzburg. After that, the fan gates also opened for this man from wurzburg. Four people were released after the police took them in the course of wednesday. The joint investigation by the wurzburg police and the wurzburg public prosecutor's office is still in full swing, especially with regard to the numerous people who took the drugs.