Court in habfurt closes case on disco brawl

During a brawl in a discotheque in knetzgau on the early morning of 27. January this year several people injured. On monday, two of those involved had to stand trial at the district court in habfurt.

According to the prosecution, one of the two held down another disco-goer while the other punched him with his fist. In addition, one of the defendants allegedly pushed the attacked player in such a way that he bounced on a table and suffered painful hamatomas and bruises. In the dock, the older of the two, a 23-year-old man from the district, said that the disco visitor had hit him on the head with a beer bottle. Then he hit him back. He himself had a black eye as well as headaches and bruises, he defended himself.

Punch and insult

The victim said in the witness stand that one of the two defendants had held him down in the toilet of the disco, while the other had hit him in the face with his fist. In order to defend himself, he "swung slightly" with the bottle in his hand in the direction of the attacker. Afterwards he had been hurled onto a bar table. Another disco visitor then hit him in the face with his fist when he was lying defenseless on the floor, and called him a "shitty nigger insults. He had bumps on his body afterwards, bled and suffered a bruise on his side.

The cause of the quarrel is said to have been a cap, which another disco guest is said to have taken off his head. The accused denied this in the witness stand and blamed the cap wearer, who is said to have hit him twice in the stomach area.

Alcohol was in play

The investigating police officer testified that all involved had been drinking alcohol. Due to the different and partly contradictory testimonies of the witnesses, the juvenile court discontinued the proceedings. Their expenses, such as the costs for their two defendants, had to be borne by the defendants themselves, so that it was an expensive disco evening for both of them.