Corona warning app a “toothless tiger” for soder

Corona warning app a 'toothless tiger' for soder

Bavaria’s minister-president markus soder considers the corona warning app to be practically ineffective so far. "The app is unfortunately a toothless tiger so far. It hardly has a warning effect," the CSU leader told the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe.

"Therefore, a digital update is needed to exploit all possibilities so that the corona app becomes effective." How exactly this update should look, lieb soder open.

SPD health politician karl lauterbach also called for the corona warning app to be upgraded with additional functions because of the sharp rise in corona numbers. He told the redaktionsnetzwerk deutschland (RND/tuesday) that one could not be satisfied with the fact that only 60 percent of the users who tested positive continue to report their findings for warnings through the app. "The question had to be reversed: whether someone explicitly does not want to warn."So far, users who test positive have to actively agree that their risk contacts are informed via the app.

Other functions such as sharing the location and date of the risk contact could also be helpful, but had to be collected on a voluntary basis, lauterbach told RND.

The german app has now been downloaded around 19.8 million times. Experts estimate that the application is actively used by more than 16 million people in germany. Only on monday a new version of the app was released. With it, contacts with users of the official corona apps of other countries can now also be determined during risk identification. At the same time, the app was expanded to include a diary function. Infected users can enter their symptoms of illness in it. With the help of this information, the app’s algorithm can calculate the risk of infection more precisely.

According to a report by the news portal "thepioneer", almost 500 corona-infected people a day now use the warning app to inform other people about their own positive findings. This corresponds to 13 to 14 percent of the total number of newly infected people. "The app is well received. Every chain of infection that is additionally interrupted by this is important," said gottfried ludewig, head of the digital department at the federal ministry of health.