Cordula haderlein takes over as head of the school board – ulrich lohr retires

Cordula haderlein takes over as head of the school board - ulrich lohr retires

On tuesday, 10. September, the school year 2019/20 begins. In the school district of forchheim, there are 29 elementary schools (GS), ten middle schools (MS) and one elementary school (consisting of GS and hauptschule/HS), the private montessori school of forchheim.

Currently, 6099 students attend an elementary or middle school in the forchheim school district. In the elementary school, there are 4193 students, slightly more than last school year (4162). In the middle school, there are 1906 students; here, too, the number has risen slightly (1875 in the last school year).

After a strong increase in the last school year, the number of enrollments has now declined somewhat (from 1112 in the 2018/19 school year to 1049 in the current school year). This development is based on the introduction of the "enrollment corridor", which allows parents to decide on the enrollment of children born in july, august or september.

The number of classes has increased from 209 to 210 at the elementary level, and there are 98 classes at the middle school level (2018/19: 101). The class average in the elementary school is 19.96 students, in the middle school it is 19.44 students.

In order to facilitate the integration of immigrant students, a total of three so-called "german classes" were established formed. The focus here is on learning the german language and imparting cultural education and values education. In the middle school, preparatory classes and a practical class cater to the individual life and learning situation of the pupils.

In the school office, haderlein has appointed as of 1. September took over the leadership after ulrich lohr was discharged. At egloffstein elementary school, barbara gruber, formerly principal at anna elementary school in forchheim, takes over from principal petra bauer. Ulrike weigel, previously a teacher at neunkirchen am brand elementary school, will take over the position of principal at anna elementary school in forchheim. The dormitz-hetzles-kleinsendelbach elementary school has grown in recent years and has therefore been given a new principal: christine schmid, previously a teacher at the adalbert stifter elementary school in forchheim. There will be a "mobile reserve" again formed.