There’s always something going on at the puruckers’ adventure farm

There's always something going on at the puruckers' adventure farm

A visit to a farm is still something special for children. The purucker family has discovered a market niche in this, they offer on their adventure farm in the "au" children's birthday parties, a mother-child group and an entertaining vacation program at.
Martina pietsch, daughter of the puruckers, has been trained as an experience farmer to bring the children closer to agriculture in a playful way.

On a treasure hunt

"The children are looking forward not only to feeding the animals, but also to stroking them or taking them in their hands", says martina pietsch. A treasure hunt is usually part of the program for the children's birthday parties on offer.
At the adventure farm, visitors are reminded of the good old days when there was no electricity and no running water. "The children are immersed in a completely different world here. Everything is made to look old and not the way you know it from home."
Word has long since spread that the adventure farm is something special, because many school classes from the region now come to visit.

Many things imagined

Pietsch now made a vacation offer for the young people and girls who stayed at home. Together with her niece kathrin, she had thought of many things to do. The work began with filling a water barrel from a deep well using a hand-operated pump. The kids were very excited while feeding the 25 pigs. Of course, it's cute to see the little piglets scurrying back and forth in the barn.
No sooner had one task been completed than the next was waiting, like taking the eggs from the henhouse. The children were even allowed to mix the food themselves. The cleaning of the rabbit hutch continued. The kids' eyes grew wide when the 50-head herd of angus cattle marched to the feed table with a loud roar.
At the age of five, louis was the youngest in the group: "I like everything, especially that you can eat the rabbits." Noah was also enthusiastic: "i'm happy that we can feed the animals"." For niklas, the rabbits were the "hit".
Martina pietsch already has the next project in mind: "we want to build another hat and then i want to take care of the seniors."