The employment agency first investigates

"You can’t react any faster", says tanja neppe from the schweinfurt employment agency. There, the latest legal regulations were quickly added to the homepage and made visible to everyone. The e-services, which provide services via the internet and the latest information on short-time allowances, can now also be found there. Because for the public the offices are closed.

Recently, the payment of short-time allowance is not only possible due to significant loss of work, but also when short-time work in connection with the corona virus leads to loss of pay. The press spokeswoman is not yet able to give concrete figures, especially for the habberge district. Currently, as she reported, first of all a monitoring is set up to collect the data. 11,000 employers in the main-rhon region have been contacted by the authorities in recent days to inform them of the new legal situation.

Even before the corona crisis, the economy was weak, and the number of companies with short-time work in the region had risen noticeably. Now this trend is intensifying. "We are being contacted more intensively at all levels and from all sectors", says tanja neppe, without wanting to be more specific. "There is a rising dynamic in any case." But she points out that in many cases it is first of all a matter of inquiries. Eki