The burghers in the habbergen go to the polls again

The burghers in the habbergen go to the polls again

The puck, as the french say: with a voter turnout of 66.56 percent in the habberge district, there can basically be no losers, because democracy is alive and well. Naturally, the cheering and singing already started last night, because the CSU is the clear election winner of the 15. September 2013.

Whereas in 2008 they had to accept losses of more than ten percent, it seems that the CSU has regained its former strength. Well, former values of over 70 percent were not reached anywhere. CSU strongholds in the district this time are naturally again ermershausen and riedbach, but even in an SPD stronghold like untermerzbach, the conservatives were able to make up ground.

Better results – in part
At least the SPD does not have to go to the wall in sackcloth and ashes. Throughout it could at least hold, if not improve. For example, good results were achieved in breitbrunn, ebern, gadheim, even in ermershausen and, delicately, in the second vote in theres, the home of steffen vogel. And also in rentweinsdorf one does not need to hide, certainly not with the second votes with clear increase.

"Home advantages" could not be used in this election as many as in 2008. This time, the grunes, with their frontman matthias lewin (knetzgau), made up quite a bit of ground. Lewin collected a lot of votes in wonfurt, knetzgau, habfurt, eltmann, even breitbrunn and ermershausen, and in some cases doubled the grunen result from 2008.

Disaster for the FDP
The losers of this election were the free voters, but above all the FDP; the powerful winners of 2008 are in a very different position this year. The free voters were able to hold their own as a third and fourth force alongside the greens, and in some places, such as ermershausen, rauhenebrach, and of course zeil, they got well over the ten percent mark in the second votes (christoph winkler). The FDP, however, plummeted in many places… Katrin hiernickel, once an FDP candidate, was a stronger draw than hartmut rausch, who is unknown here. The FDP achieved subterranean results throughout the district, for example in riedbach, rauhenebrach, theres and zeil.

While the increase in votes for the major parties was mainly at the expense of the smaller parties (klemens albert achieved respectable successes for the odp in some communities, but the good times with the double-digit results are over), this does not apply to the newcomer in the round: "die franken" are not only tatort-trend, but also draw a lot with the voter. In many cases, they came in at a surprising two to three percent. The left-wing party, which first took office in 2008, is one of those that could not maintain results like nine percent in this election – around six percent, as in ebern, for example, is already the highest of the feelings for the left-wing party.