The bavarian brewery museum in kulmbach is a jewel in the mecca of enjoyment

the bavarian brewery museum in kulmbach is a jewel in the mecca of enjoyment

25 years ago, the bavarian brewery museum was inaugurated: the bavarian minister of agriculture michaela kaniber came to kulmbach on thursday to celebrate the anniversary. She described the museum on the monchshof site as a "jewel with model character".

"No death announcer

When a museum is built, the background is usually that a culture changes, that something falls by the wayside. But this is not the case with the museums on the monchshofgelande. This was made clear by district curator of local history professor gunter dippold. "The bavarian brewery museum is not a dead giveaway!", dippold made clear.

In fact, the museum has exceeded all expectations over the past 25 years. "It has meanwhile got splendid siblings – the bakery museum and the spice museum. Not to mention the elegant and very well functioning museum education center", according to dippold. The former industrial wasteland has become a tourist attraction.

"Culinary treasure chest

The minister of agriculture was also enthusiastic about the museum’s diversity. "Upper franconia is not only home to around one thousand different types of beer, with over 260 breweries it also has the highest density of breweries in the world. And what better place in upper franconia for a bavarian brewery museum than the delightful town of kulmbach??"

Michaela kaniber was impressed by the competence of the food craft and food industry and emphasized that kulmbach is "a culinary treasure chest" be: "kulmbach has developed into a true mecca of enjoyment when it comes to beer", according to kaniber. She was particularly impressed by the fact that beer culture can be experienced and experienced in a unique way at the kulmbacher monchshof. 4.3 million euros – only from demand funds of the european leader program – flowed into the blaich. In the future, there will be training in kulmbach to become a beer sommelier. "You have created a jewel, which in many respects has an exemplary function and model character far beyond bavaria", the minister of agriculture emphasized.

"Bierige" journey around the world

Stefan soine, chairman of the board of the museums in kulmbach’s monchshof, emphasized, however, that it is not only the retrospective that is important but also the future. The museum brings visitors closer to the culture of beer over the course of time and shows a "beery" world travel around the world and present advertising, architecture and many other interesting aspects.

During the ceremony, soine – together with markus stoden and helga metzel – honored the two employees anneliese zapf and martin standner. Both have been involved from the beginning. In addition, the "parents" were of the brewery museum, sigrid daum and bernd sauermann, appreciated.

"The bavarian brewery museum is a success story in the so diverse museum landscape of upper franconia and a visitor magnet in our beer and enjoyment region", said mayor henry schramm.

Dance, music and good food

District administrator klaus peter sollner also congratulated: "beer and upper franconia have belonged together for thousands of years."

The kulmbacher buttner welcomed the guests of honor from near and far. The band "boxgalopp" provided a lively and original french musical frame.

After the speeches, the frankenfarm served a bread buffet. The beer came naturally from the museum brewery.