On the road together for three years

on the road together for three years

Three years ago, they were brought to the altar for the first time in the kitzinger st. St. John’s church carried: the saint hedwig’s candles. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the parish community in the kitzinger land, some of the parishes from the association had brought the candles to the festive service again.

Pastor dr. Manfred bauer drew a positive balance: the road in the past three years had sometimes been a bit bumpy. In such a rough "structure" many arrangements and organization are necessary. Nevertheless, there were also numerous reasons for gratitude. In the meantime, people are already quite well acquainted with each other beyond the boundaries of the community, and some major activities have already been carried out, according to bauer. He is all the more pleased that they have come together again on the third anniversary to also say thank you to god.

The center of this community of several catholic parishes is st. Vincent. Johannes in kitzingen. In addition, the parishes of kitzingen st. Vinzenz with hoheim as well as biebelried and sulzfeld. The buchbrunn and repperndorf, albertshofen and mainstockheim branches are also involved in the incident.

Thanks were given at the reception in the deanery center by pastor bauer as well as by the community hoheim and st. The same applies to father edwin udoye, who had spent some time ministering in these two parishes and is now returning to his native nigeria. He has been appointed director of caritas in the city of millions and archdiocese of onitsha am niger.