On the day of friendship

On the occasion of the international day of friendship on 30. July, the johanniter emphasize the value of fursorglichen miteinanders – especially in corona times. "Those who are friends take a share in the other and stand up for them. That’s why we value good friendships", says olaf mauer, head of the johanniter service in schweinfurt, in a press release. "Because people need a reliable community, in times of peace as well as in times of crisis. In short, being there for others is an essential part of our humanity." The international "day of friendship" proclaimed by the united nations ties in with that to. He wants to encourage fostering a friendly and caring relationship that goes far beyond the private sphere.

"There is a lot of talk about the ‘new normal’ at the moment", emphasizes mauer. "In this new normality between relaxation and vigilance, we have now settled down to a certain extent. Staying healthy, being able to celebrate with friends and family again, the vacation trip: this requires that everyone consciously takes care of each other. It’s sometimes hard work. But it is also a chance to make this solidarity a permanent part of our future everyday life."

It is a matter of course for the johanniter to be there for people who need help and support. Even across borders. One example is the annual "johanniter christmas trucker" campaign, to be held again in 2020, albeit in a different form