Multi-talent is celebrated

The feast day was a holiday and the blessing was accompanied by the father’s happiness: on ascension day, the new emergency vehicle was dedicated and immediately celebrated in a multi-dimensional way.
7.5-ton weight class, 500-liter water tank, opulently equipped equipment compartment and standard squadron cab: the TFS/W portable fire engine catapults the geisfeld fire department directly into another operational league. Because a new tool also requires new skills, after the friendly reception in the spring of 2017, the first extensive familiarization, training and diverse practice took place. Since last november, the new vehicle has been part of the alarm plan and, with its potential, logically expands the range of operations.
With modern equipment including respiratory protection, thermal imaging camera, submersible pump, wet aspirator, airlift, four-part ladder and more, much more can be offered in case of emergency – which in turn sustainably increases the radius for the active personnel. The rough use for the rough emergency vehicle deserves of course the rough celebration. Music and flag delegations accompanied the new multi-talent from the church to the fire station and to the marquees. The family celebration of the fire department offered a happy frame for the blessed act and the dose of local politics into the night and offered a lot of opportunity for meaningful advertising: the voluntary fire department geisfeld has at present over 44 task forces and toils in the everyday life beside the adult exercises with youth work for the preservation of the local group. Recruiting and recruiting young people is not a fun cure, but an urgent and sensible duty.