“Liederhort” is back on a smooth ride

The "liederhort" singing society ludwigschorgast is back in calm waters again. This was the result of a members’ meeting in the club pub schicker. In the new elections michael rief was again elected to the leadership of the choral society, and also the other board positions could be filled.
No problems were also caused by the change of the statutes of the choral society, which date back to 1994, based on the standard statutes of the french choral society. The proposal for the new statutes prepared by the board of directors was accepted without any dissenting votes. The number of deputies of the chairman has been changed.

Too many active members on the board

The amended articles of association allow the "liederhort" singing society a more flexible layout to. For example, only a minimum of four members is now required for the advisory board. However, more can be elected, as chairman rief made clear. But this also led to the fact that twelve of 28 active members were on the board of directors. Michael shouted: "half the choir was involved in the board, so to speak. 12 out of 40 is true, but 12 out of 28 is really a high number."
Also with the chairman of the board it was decided to elect at least one deputy, but more are also possible. Until now, the choral society had to elect two deputies.
The election procedure was also changed. So far, a written election was mandatory for the executive board. Now, however, voting can also take place by show of hands and a written ballot is only held upon request. Finally the election period was discussed. Up to now, the singing club had a two-year election period, i.E. Elections were held every two years. From now on, the election period will be extended to three years.

The election result

The new elections were chaired by mayor doris leithner-bisani. Elected as chairman was michael rief. The other results: deputy chairman marlene grob; secretary birgit schwieder; treasurer michaela popp; advisory board: elke korner, edmund hohner, alfred schneider, franziska walter, thorsten schwieder, sylvia kraus, anton leithner and irene daig; auditors: friedrich kunzelmann, elke korner.
Mayor doris leithner-bisani was pleased that the difficult phase of the association is now over and that the board of the singing association is complete again: "that is what distinguishes you and that the joy of singing is there, it is obvious that you have it." The mayoress had a wish for the seniors’ afternoon, which was held for the 40th time. The event will be hosted by the municipality. Franz gebert agreed to enrich the afternoon musically with a choral group. Werner reibaus