In court: speeding driver was banned from driving several times and kept on driving

In court: speeding driver was banned from driving several times and kept on driving

If you call him a speeder, the 43-year-old can hardly complain. He was speeding six times in two years. He has collected several driving bans for it. When the points account was full, he also lost his driving license. Now he has been convicted of forgery and driving without a license – six months imprisonment on probation.

When he was stopped on the highway in october in a delivery van, the driver had just handed in his driver’s license three days earlier – once again. But the driving ban did not prevent him from getting behind the wheel. Because he had a cell phone to his ear, the 43-year-old was stopped by a patrolman. At the same time he tried to change the officers. He presented a forged driver’s license. In the indictment it was read as premeditated driving despite driving ban plus forgery of documents.

The building cleaner admitted to driving in court. "This happened under coercion from the boss", he tried to explain the trip without being able to remember the name of the boss. He did not want to know about the certificate forgery. He had shown his identity card. "A false driver’s license or any other forgery was never handed over", he told the court.

Did the defendant submit a false statement?

But how did a driver’s license number end up on the questionnaire that the police officers made after the check?? As witnesses, the two officials could not remember the incident a good year ago. "We have so many cell phone violations. I have to pass", said one. And an "active memory" requested by the court neither had the other. Both pointed to the routine nature of such checks. At the end of which there was a charge of driving without a license and forgery of documents.

After the court had considered all the possibilities, there was only one solution for the "rough riddle". "There must have been a false submission", said the prosecutor. She demanded six months imprisonment and probation in view of several previous convictions and the many entries in the driver’s suitability register, plus suspension of the driver’s license for one year and a fine of 300 euros.

The defendant stuck to his version and had to let the judge reproach him: "driving license data does not fall from the sky." "There must have been a forgery or a copy.", said the court, otherwise the appearance of the number can not be explained. The court also came to the bottom line of six months imprisonment and probation. Because the man has hardly any money, but debts and maintenance obligations, the money requirement became 100 hours of community service. The man has one year to do this – and until then he has no chance of getting a new driver’s license either.