Forchheim district: water channels like in sudtirol or madeira

forchheim district: water channels like in sudtirol or madeira

For the next two and a half years, the preservation of the water meadows, especially in the lower valley of the meadows, is secured. The extension of the current project is estimated at 415.000 euro come. Recently, the bavarian nature conservation fund 291.000 euros contributed. The district council of forchheim has now decided to increase its share of ten percent, or 42 percent, of the total.000 euros.

Ten percent, the same amount, was pledged by the upper franconia foundation. The remaining ten percent is to be taken over by the participating communities. These are, according to their area shares, pretzfeld, forchheim, kirchehrenbach, pinzberg, weilersbach, ebermannstadt, wiesenthau, and unterleinleiter.

The water meadows have been registered as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind at the conference of culture ministers. The project is to be incorporated into the european initiative for the preservation of traditional irrigation systems. And in a way, it should even become a tourist attraction like the irrigation canals in sudtirol or on madeira.

Image film

The image film included in the application, which the district council viewed, shows, among other things, the farmer matthaus endres operating the traffic jam guards. Endres has the title of first builder of the water cooperative steinbuhl in forchheim south. The ancient name is an indication of how long the water system on the wiesent has existed. It is assumed that the first facilities for the resulting highly productive grassland were built as early as the celtic settlement of the honor castle.

Dogs in the bird breeding area

Originally, the project was to be extended to the regnitz valley. For the time being, the nature conservation fund has advised against this, explained johannes mohr from the county development department. Because there is still homework to be done in the core area. One of them is visitor guidance. Last but not least, the zweng between forchheim and gosberg is a popular country for dog walking. But every master makes sure that the water meadows are also a breeding ground for birds and lets his "waldi" go and above all several dogs run free.

"We should continue to support it; it’s worth our own effort.", district councilor edwin dippacher (CSU) pointed out the agricultural and ecological importance of the water meadows. Until the introduction of mineral manure in the 20. In the nineteenth century, the high-yield water meadows made it possible to keep a lot of livestock. Its manure was the main fertilizer for growing crops, explained project manager roland lindacher.

Public relations should increase the acceptance of the farmers’ work and the protection of the land. The water meadows help to reduce soil erosion; at the same time, the groundwater level is stabilized and nutrients are removed from the river water. At present, the biologist still sees a considerable potential danger for the entire ecosystem of the floodplain.

Bus lines

Another topic in the district council was the preliminary announcement of the tender for the bus line bundles LB 1, 2 and 6. The first is the city transport in forchheim, the second are the regional lines in the northern district, the third concerns line 208, which runs from baiersdorf via effeltrich to erlangen. There is an agreement with the district of erlangen-hochstadt on this issue. Bundles 2 and 6 will be contracted out for eight years starting in 2022; urban transport will only be contracted out for two and a half years so that a changeover to alternative propulsion technologies can take place. The district council defined the award criteria as follows: 70 percent is determined by the bidder’s price, 20 percent by the wages he pays his drivers, which are as close to the collective wage agreement as possible, and the last ten percent by whether the interested party uses vehicles with a higher standard than euro standard 6.

30 recycling centers

The operation of the 30 decentralized recycling centers in the district of forchheim will also be newly contracted out. In addition to the actual operation, the following tasks are tendered: roll-off containers for solid waste, collection of batteries and accumulators. Here, too, the same evaluation criteria apply as for the buses.