At least seven dead in bus accident in new mexico

At least seven dead in bus accident in new mexico

At least seven people died in a serious bus accident in the u.S. State of new mexico on thursday (local time), according to media reports.

Around 40 people, including children, were injured, some seriously, when a greyhound tour bus collided with a semi-truck on highway 40 near thoreau in northwestern new mexico.

Authorities fear the death toll could rise, U.S. Broadcaster CNN quoted a new mexico police spokesman as saying. According to initial investigations, a front tire on the semitrailer had burst, causing the vehicle, which weighed several tons, to cross the shoulder of the road into oncoming traffic and collide head-on with the bus.

Pictures from the scene of the accident showed the bus with its front section fully imprinted, while the contents of the truck trailer were scattered on the highway. There were 49 passengers on the bus en route to phoenix, arizona, according to the company greyhound.

Some of the injured were trapped in the trunks and took some time to be rescued by rescue teams. Others had tried to climb out of bus windows into the open, CNN quoted eyewitnesses as saying.