Astronomers discover new monster star in the milky way

Astronomers discover new monster star in the milky way

It is thus the largest protostar ever observed in the milky way – and it is still growing, he said.

"These stars are not only rare, their birth is extremely fast and their childhood is short. So the discovery of such a massive object so early in its evolution is a spectacular result," said a member of the eso research team. The astronomers observed the celestial body with the super telescope "alma" from the chilean atacama coast.

The scientists expect from the discovery new knowledge about the origin of the mega stars, because at present there are different theories. Let’s be sure: the coarsest and brightest stars in the galaxy are formed in cool, dark clouds of interstellar matter. Their progenitors, the protostars, eat up all the material in the cloud that flows towards them.

"At some point, this cloud will collapse," explains astrophysicist jan bolte of the tu berlin. "In the process the protostar gives off matter, from which, for example, planets are formed that later orbit the star."The finished star will therefore not be quite as heavy in the end as it is at present. According to eso, it will shrink to about one fifth of its present size: "we estimate that this object will become a star with up to one hundred times the mass of the sun". Only one out of 10,000 stars in the milky way reaches such a high mass," said the head of the eso research group, nicolas peretto.

According to eso, the celestial body is located in the "spitzer dark cloud," about 11,000 light-years from earth. The milky vine has a diameter of 100 000 light years. With a blind eye, the star will therefore not be visible from earth despite its immense coarseness, said bolte. But with a telescope, the chances are good.