17:00 On the road like christmas

Niklas schmitt yes, is it christmas already?? For the parcel delivery people in germany already. In the last few months, they have been as busy as they usually are during the (pre)christmas season. The exit restrictions caused by the corona crisis in particular have further boosted internet orders, which have already risen steadily in recent years.

While some people are increasingly mobile on the internet, others have to bring the things they order home. This is pushing delivery services to their limits – also in the hochstadt area. That’s why the post office, which includes DHL, is now building a new distribution center in hochstadt.

More and more parcels

Two years ago, the frankischer tag had already reported on the "unbearably tight" staffing situation conditions at the uehlfeld delivery point reported. The company reacted with an expansion, the plans to merge the hochstadt, uehlfeld and weisendorf bases were first cancelled, shortly afterwards the center moved on to neustadt.

Two years later, the situation looks different again. Erwin nier, press spokesman for the post office, spoke at the time of around 4.6 million parcels delivered daily by the post office alone. This year, there are about 5.3 million. And that is just an average day.

In the period of the lockdown, deliveries had almost reached the highs of the pre-christmas period, says nier. From november until christmas, the postal service delivers around 9 million parcels a day – and on peak days as many as 11 million. And now, after the shops have opened again? "Customers are ordering even more than they did in previous years." Many customers stayed with ordering, perhaps it is more convenient, explains nier the higher numbers than at the same time a year ago.

New distribution center

Because of these quantities, the post office is now building a new, larger base on the commercial ring in hochstadt, which should be ready by the end of the year. "There is more concentrated work in one place", says nier. "You get more broadcasts to the region faster then." For this, the parcel center in hemhofen will be integrated into hochstadt. 60 employees will then serve 40 delivery districts between hochstadt, adelsdorf, heroldsbach and rottenbach.

Nier allays worries about staff cuts: "no one loses their job because of such restructuring measures." On the contrary, says the press spokesman, the communities are growing and with them the customers who, as before, are ordering more on the internet.

For the customer, the logistical centering on hochstadt will not change much, says nier. The routes have been adjusted, so it may well be that someone who used to get their parcels around 11 a.M. Will have to wait until 2 p.M. And vice versa.

Competition is also growing

The competitor hermes has to deal with similar increases. The volume of shipments increased by around 40 percent, according to julia kuhnemuth, press officer at hermes. The quantities had developed heterogeneously during the corona period. They were slightly jerky at the beginning of march, but continued to rise in the following months. "We are otherwise familiar with this kind of workload from the christmas season", according to kuhnemuth. She won’t give exact numbers for competitive reasons.

Hermes serves its customers from a center in nurnberg, germany. "With the depot, we roughly cover the area from forchheim in the north to eichstatt in the south and from ansbach in the west to parsberg in the east."

So the comfort of some is the work of others. And someone of both has to be mobile in any case. We have not yet reached the point where someone will fly the ordered goods to our doorstep by drone.