1000 Guests were enthusiastic

1000 guests were enthusiastic

With more than 1000 guests, the theater and musical ensemble tettau draws a consistently positive balance sheet. The guests themselves were also more than enthusiastic – at least that's how artistic director benjamin baier explains it. "If the performers leave the stage with a standing ovation five times during five events, we've probably done everything right," says baier.

"Incidentally, that was also the declared aim, to give the guests a few pleasant and entertaining hours in these chaotic times," explains wolfgang heinz , chairman of the association.

It was already clear in march of this year that, due to the pandemic, a significantly increased organizational effort – especially with regard to the utilization of rooms and halls – would have to be carried out and organized.

This caution is now preserved in all performances. The kronach district cultural area was planned with less than 50 percent occupancy, so that – no matter which protection concepts take effect – the required minimum distance could always be kept. Even the performances in the tettau festival hall could be organized with a seating plan concept that complied with all corona regulations.

The partly over night changing official orders have "rolled over" the responsible persons as well as the guests at the same time. Nevertheless, a good solution was found in the form of a "ticket exchange", which was set up at short notice to refund the ticket price to most of the guests who did not comply with the 2G rule.

Last sunday was the "final curtain" of this year's musical project "the night of musicals". A heartfelt thank you went to the staff members gisela lang and christine schnelle from the district cultural department for their pleasant cooperation. Also with the contributors behind the scenes, such as.B. The team from the salon schirmer (maske) in tettau was thanked. A project like this stands or falls with professional lighting and sound technicians. With swen muller from the company SM showtechnik and benjamin gehring one has reliable colleagues, who have contributed to the success significantly.

Time out until spring

The ensemble is now taking a little time out until the rehearsals for the new project start in the spring.

The performances of "best of musicals" are planned again in autumn 2022 in tettau and kronach. Exact dates will be announced in time through the media.