Weir is well rested again

Weir is well rested again

The new fire truck costs 435 000 euro; it was requested with a grant from the state of bavaria in the amount of 137 000 euro and a county grant of 30 000 euro. This was explained by mayor siegfried decker (NG) to numerous neighboring fire departments, who came with guests of honor to the handover of the new HLF 20 in the fire station.

The purchase was necessary, as the mayor explained, because the previous LF 16 tanker had already been in service for 28 years. Pastor stefan schleicher put the new vehicle under the blessing of god. Commander harald fischer referred to three years of planning for the HLF 20, which began with the decision by the municipal council in october 2016. In the same month a first contact with heinrich hallhuber from the company lentner in hohenlinden took place. After that, a partner fire department was found in the form of the himmelkron fire department, with whom the procurement was carried out jointly and cost-effectively.

In october 2018 the companies lentner, scania from oberschleibheim and ludwig from bindlach were awarded the contract. In february 2020 the HLF 20 could be picked up in lenting.

The vehicle has 2000 liters of water, 120 liters of foam, a rescue kit, a rescue platform with rail undercarriage and, among other things, a jump pad, a chiemsee pump and a water cannon.

As mayor decker mentioned, the vehicle was "paid for without a change for the future".

The four local fire brigades form a preserved structure in the municipality of neuenmarkt and they also have enough new blood. District administrator klaus peter sollner () congratulated on the acquisition of the new fire truck: "never before has the district spent so much money on protection and safety." But he also pointed out how extreme and diverse the missions are now. This also means that the honorary office in the fire department is increasingly reaching its limits.

Chairman dieter eschenbacher thanked for the fact that the existing fire engine remains in the inventory of the fire department neuenmarkt. District fire chief stefan hartlein made it clear that the vehicle's technology posed a great challenge for the active participants.