Vw gets off to a flying start in the usa: best sales since 1974

Vw gets off to a flying start in the usa: best sales since 1974

By contrast, industry leader general motors had a hard time convincing customers to buy. The sales of its arch-rival shrank surprisingly.

VW sold 27,200 cars of its parent brand, one and a half times as many as in the same month of the previous year. "Our growth strategy is working," north america boss jonathan browning said on wednesday. The german company had tailored its new models to the tastes of its U.S. Customers. In addition, VW lowered its base prices and caused a stir with imaginative advertising, for example at the super bowl, the final of the american professional football league and the most important sporting event in the u.S.

The wolfsburg company even built a completely new plant in chattanooga in the state of tennessee, where the u.S. Passat, which is rougher than its european namesake, is manufactured. In view of the rubbing sales, VW is now increasing production and adding 200 more people to its workforce. Currently, around 2,500 people work at the factory.

However, most other carmakers are also doing well, although VW stands out with its pace of growth. U.S. Consumers are in a buying mood since the domestic economy is picking up and unemployment is falling. Chrysler’s sales in january rose by 44 percent to their best level since 2008, ford by 7 percent.

One exception was general motors, with a 6 percent drop. Nevertheless, u.S. Sales chief don johnson expressed confidence: "the year has started strong."With just under 168,000 cars, the opel parent company is actually miles ahead of VW on its home market. However, the wolfsburg-based bank is catching up with its strong asian competitors.

German premium manufacturers also increased their sales, in some cases significantly. The VW subsidiary audi increased its sales by 20 percent, mercedes-benz by 24 percent for its luxury cars, and porsche by 6 percent. BMW, meanwhile, fell off and managed only a 3 percent gain. The munich-based company is now hoping that the new 3-series, which will be launched in the middle of the month, will boost sales again. With the mini up more than 21 percent, the group posted a gain of just under six percent.