Suspected terrorist aide admits to several charges

Suspected terrorist aide admits to several charges

"We wanted to fight. If it had come to that, then we had also fought," said 37-year-old ahmad S. On monday at the beginning of his trial at the koblenz higher regional court.

The defendant, who appeared friendly and willing to provide information, also admitted to having participated in a propaganda film. There he was to be seen with a machine gun, but the picture had been made unrecognizable. The now 37-year-old was picked up in kabul in july 2010 and taken into u.S. Custody. In april 2011, he was remanded in custody in germany.

Ahmad S. Confirmed that he had traveled to pakistan in 2009 with other members of a hamburg-based islamist cell. He also admitted to contacts with mounir el motassadeq, who is known to be an aide to the death pilots of 11. September 2001 a 15-year prison sentence was served. He had met him while working at the hamburg airport. He knows others from this environment only from television.

According to his own statements, the defendant had come to hamburg with part of his family in 1990. From 1997 to 2006, he worked for a cleaning service at the airport and then set up his own travel agency.

Federal prosecutors accuse him of being a member of al-qaeda and the islamic movement of uzbekistan (IBU). He had helped to build up a network of al-qaeda in europe and possibly supported attacks in germany. The process will continue this tuesday.