Spd wants 500 additional nursing beds

SPD district chairman and city councilor felix holland wants to counter the growing shortage of nursing care in bamberg with 500 additional nursing places. "We see an urgent need for action in the area of nursing care. If we do not take suitable measures now, the existing shortage of skilled workers will turn into a nursing shortage in the coming years, according to holland.

According to the SPD, there will be a shortage of over 500 care places in the city by 2030. For this reason, the SPD city council faction will ask the administration to submit proposals on how the deficit can be reduced. "A number of influences will lead to a shortage of care places for citizens of bamberg in need of care by 2030, which is why countermeasures must be taken now", emphasizes holland.

As the district chairman makes clear, the legal requirements of the nursing and residential care quality act, such as the prescribed quality requirements, safety regulations and the single-room quotas, have led to a reduction in the current number of available nursing places. "The impending supply bottleneck is exacerbated by the already existing shortage of skilled workers, by demographic change and by the influx into our city," says kuhnemuth, according to holland.

Conversion as an opportunity

According to information from the SPD, there were 950 care places in bamberg at the beginning of 2019, but due to staff shortages, only ca. 870 seats are occupied. Holland therefore calls for this problem to be tackled immediately "because the supply of inpatient care places is already significantly lower than the demand". The SPD city council faction is aware that the nursing shortage cannot be countered by individual measures. "We need a whole package of measures with additional care facilities, more staff and sufficient living space for future employees, SPD city councillor ingeborg eichhorn also stresses.

In the future, as far as the SPD is concerned, buildable areas should be restricted to the construction of a new or. More nursing homes need to be inspected. In addition, all sponsors are to be supported in the realization of expansion measures or. New construction projects to be supported in the long term. The SPD sees the conversion areas in particular as a major opportunity to meet the challenges associated with the nursing shortage.