Rugendorf daycare center: excitement has subsided

The daycare center in rugendorf is important and necessary – that is clear to mayor martin weib. But for the establishment of the twelve childcare places for children under three years of age, the municipality of rugendorf must pay 280.000 euros out of your own pocket. A lot of money. Because the kindergarten building is owned by the municipality. The rugendorf church congregation steers 30.000 euros at. 316.000 euro government grants. "The crib costs 626.000 euros. We are now starting with the structural work, which alone will cost 129,000 euros.142 euros to account", explains mayor martin weib.

Even during the planning phase, rugendorf had complained that "the regional church was inflexible and not very cooperative" when it came to subsidies show. "We are not satisfied with the subsidies. We would be very pleased if more funds were received. After all, we as a community are also responsible for the upkeep of the telescope, emphasized martin weib. "Hope dies last", the mayor also said clearly after the official groundbreaking and was pleased to hear a little more from the church.

After there had been considerable fuss behind the scenes in the past few weeks, weib confirmed: "no, we are not thinking of a change of operator. We are very satisfied with the evangelical church as a sponsor, and we have an excellent cooperation."
Meanwhile, pastor kathrin klinger and daycare center director waltraud bauer also reaffirmed the good cooperation. The plan is to provide care for 6.30 o'clock to 15 o'clock. The nursery, as well as the facility for older children, should be open.

Coarse are looking forward to the babies
At the groundbreaking ceremony, which was also attended by district administrator klaus peter sollner and CSU members of the state parliament gudrun brendel-fischer (CSU) and martin schoffel (CSU) as well as numerous local councillors, the children of the day care center had even rehearsed a building song. Because they are also looking forward to the "babies". The inauguration should take place at the beginning of next year at the latest.

"The nursery is another piece in the mosaic of child and family friendliness", emphasized district administrator klaus peter sollner. In total, there are currently 370 places in the district of kulmbach for the care of children younger than three years of age. If the current tree removals in kulmbach, himmelkron, mainleus, neuenmarkt and neudrossenfeld as well as rugendorf are taken into account, 456 places will be available by the end of the year. "The burgermeisters have taken up the cause", so sollner.

"The development of early childhood education facilities is on the right track", gudrun brendel-fischer, a member of the state parliament, was also pleased and emphasized that the care of the youngest children is also necessary in rural regions. As a surprise, brendel-fischer, in her capacity as chairwoman of the district horticulture and land conservation association, brought silphy plants to the rugendorf children. These are energy plants that grow up to two meters high and bloom bright yellow. And they have the property that they magically attract bees. Rugendorf is the first kindergarten in the district to receive the coveted plants.
"Young women and men today should no longer have to choose between a child or a career. Both must be compatible", member of the state parliament martin schoffel also emphasized the importance of the day nursery for rugendorf and called for increasing flexibility in the operation of the day nursery.