Hammelburg tennis club is happy about two titles and a strong round

Hammelburg tennis club is happy about two titles and a strong round

The hammelburg tennis cracks have finished the summer round in lower franconia partly successfully. Nine teams took part, five of which were from the youth team. Two teams made it to the top.
The high point of the season came on the last day of the season. It was about the group victory of the ladies and the midcourt U10 team, the youngest. The latter competed at TSV karlstadt. Levin lubbecke won against anton kaufmann 4:1, 4:0, kenno bedenk even 4:0, 4:0 against ben schramm. The doubles levin lubbecke/luca holzinger against anton kaufmann/ben schramm made the overall success perfect with a 4:0, 4:0.

Final against knetzgau

In the women’s competition of the kreisklasse 3, in which only teams of four play, the hammelburg women had to deal with TC knetzgau at home. The latter had inflicted the only defeat of the season on table-toppers and co-favorites TC BW bad neustadt. The latter were free of play; so the hammelburger women could pass by with at least a 5:1 win.
Caro lubbecke met the top player from knetzgau, selina fischbacher, ranked four performance classes higher. She delivered her best match so far with bite and routine. With 6:3 and 6:0 swept them fischbacher uberraschend from the field. In the second singles ruxandra atzmuller met larissa summank. The variable game of the technician atzmuller was not up to summank at 6:1 and 6:0. In the third singles match, simone drilling and melanie schafer faced each other. After the clear 6:0 in the first set, the second set took place at eye level. In the end drilling prevailed with 6:3. The fourth singles match was won by eva schiffner against christine dirschbacher 6:1, 6:2, also due to a strong performance.

Bringing home the doubles

Now the home team did not want to leave anything to chance in the doubles. The experienced hanne kamp met schafer/dirschbacher with caro lubbecke. And they love those with 6:1 and 6:0 no chance. The group victory was perfect. The second doubles match between atzmuller/drilling and dirschbacher/symmank was only a matter of form with 6:1, 6:2.
With these two championships, the season balance was satisfactory. The injury-plagued hammelburg men finished second to last in bezirksklasse 2 and are likely to be relegated to kreisklasse 1. In the district league the men 40 were overstrained. With only one victory they finished last: relegation to the bezirksklasse 1. The men’s 50 were beaten only by the late group winner TC gochsheim in the bezirksklasse 1; they finished second.

Surprising bambinis

In the junior teams, the bambinos 12 surprised in the district class 1 with the second place behind the TC schweinfurt II. With the same table and match points, this team only had the better difference in the sets. The boys 14 took the fourth place in the district class 2 with a balanced points ratio. With their third place in the bezirksklasse 2 were also the juniors 18 satisfied. For the junior girls 18, all beginners, the fun of tennis had priority. They can also cope with the last place in the play group without any problems.