Great nativity play in lindau

The lindau village community had once again gone to a lot of trouble for its 29. Doreihnacht given. Already one hour before the beginning of the nativity play, there was a lively hustle and bustle at and between the numerous stands. The 16 actors, who already mingled with the crowd and were marveled at in their costumes (wolfram broeder-muller was responsible for this), contributed to a relaxed atmosphere, especially by the small visitors. On the village square there was not only something for the physical enjoyment, but also a rough selection of christmas decorations, which were tinkered by the lindau women.

Attentive silence fell when the lindau-feuln-waizendorf choir with its conductor christian knorrer sang the "andachtsjodler" tuned. Then "the sheet metal" took over of the trebgaster trombone choir (conducted by werner grabner), before the newly formed "tanzmause" (dance mice) the TDC showed what they had learned with their trainers katharina heidrich and karin pfeiff.

During the nativity play, what the prophets had already proclaimed at that time seemed familiar to the audience today. "Everybody whines bluus all the time, but nobody does anything", said one of them. The shepherds grumbled because their work was getting harder and harder "while the romans were living on their own dime and wanting to raise more and more." Joseph and his heavily pregnant fiancee maria set out on the slow journey to bethlehem to register there.

A humorous touch was brought by the two "stagehands" with their constant "grumbling" had the laughs on their side. The capo was pissed because he had to work on the third advent. He also had to give up his "hiwi" (helpful) constant drive. With drills and spax screws, they had to constantly change the place-name signs so that everyone could eventually find their way to the sheepfold via babylon, jerusalem and nazareth to bury the infant jesus there.