Csu/fwg take a close look at the himmelkroner industrial park

The discussion about the planned 24 hectare commercial area himmelkron nord" goes into the next round. According to deputy mayor harald peetz, the announcement by the citizens’ initiative to initiate its own referendum was decisive for a "fact check" of CSU and G.

Local councillor sebastian herrmann (CSU/JU), who was responsible for compiling the fact check with the members of the CSU/G parliamentary group, explained: "the fact check contains all the issues that have been raised time and again so far." With an attached chronology of the municipal council decisions, the CSU/G faction also shows that the commercial area in question has a long history and was already a topic in 1993 when possible expansion areas of the municipality of himmelkron were determined.

Harald peetz: "this also makes it clear that this development was not just born in the last few weeks." Peetz referred to the decision of the municipal council of 3. May 2018, according to which the council had agreed, by a vote of 14 to 1, to pass a development resolution for a possible commercial area north of the B 303 if the traffic problems in the area of the B 303 were satisfactorily resolved.

Peetz continues: "after the 3. May 2018, the developer presented a possible draft for a development plan north of the B 303 for the first time in a closed session, the first discussion took place on 23 may 2018. May 2018 a first open discussion with representatives of the federation for nature conservation and mayor gerhard schneider in the himmelkroner town hall."

The fact that there is a different level of information in the municipal council is clearly denied right from the start. Local councillor sebastian herrmann: "all factions have the same information." It is also not true that the municipality has to develop the area because it has already contributed a six-figure sum to the planning. All planning costs have been and will be borne by a potential investor.

The claim that the further development of the commercial area of himmelkron north would lead to traffic chaos or be wastefully modeled on the los angeles traffic circle in gersthofen was also decisively rejected.

Mayor gerhard schneider (CSU): "the whole project stands and falls with a reasonable traffic development. Only the development of the new commercial area can bring about a significant improvement in the traffic problems in the area of the B 303 kulmbach and bayreuth roads. We fight for our favored solution, a traffic circle with bypasses to the different areas."

In the further course of the "fact check a total of ten points are mentioned which, in the opinion of the CSU/G, are not correct. So among other things the statement that the traffic load in the local areas with the commercial area becomes higher. Local councillor sebastian herrmann: "the location of the commercial area directly on the federal highway and the freeway is ideal and does not increase traffic in the villages. Only if new businesses were to locate in the immediate vicinity would there be an increase in traffic in our town centers and along the entire length of the B 303 in the himmelkroner community area."

Finally, the CSU/G faction also takes a stand on the flood risk: "in realizing the commercial area, the municipality and naturally also the water management office have paid special attention to the size of the retention basins and the infiltration of the rainwater."

Mayor schneider also commented on the development: "it must be designed for the entire area. Technically it is possible to develop only a partial area, but from an economic point of view this is not feasible."

Finally, the CSU/G faction takes a clear position on the jobs: "the need for safe and local jobs is there. Talk to those who have to commute many kilometers to their place of work."